Zenda CleanTech Fuels, a subsidiary of Zenda Green Energy, is a leading distributor of clean technology diesel / biodiesel fuels in Hong Kong, ensuring the highest quality, lowest emissions and top performing fuels across a range of Euro V blends.

Our Biodiesel is made 100% from Hong Kong derived waste cooking oil, refined locally, fully approved and made to European EN14214 Biodiesel Standard.

Our Biodiesel partner Dynamic Progress International Limited and ZCT Fuels work with our clients to deliver CleanTech Fuels for direct use in all diesel engines including luxury cruisers, power boats, ferries, trucks, buses, construction machinery, off-road vehicles, power generators, diesel cars and boilers.

Zenda Green Energy

Zenda Green Energy established a division, Zenda Life Foods, which is investing, engaging, and building business in the sustainable superfoods space from the ground up - growing, processing, marketing and distributing.
In particular, Zenda Life Foods targets plant-derived superfoods rich in nutritional values, protein, vitamins and Omega oils.

ZLF has farms already contracted and growing Sacha Inchi (a long established Peruvian superfood high in Omega 3, 6, and 9, Vitamins A & E and Proteins) in Thailand with first harvest and production / processing to commence in early 2016. In addition ZLF has established a supply chain for premium Omega products from China.

A Green Energy & Sustainable Superfoods Company